Fair Trade Hong Kong Exhibition

In order to deepen students’ understanding of current social issues, the Institute for Youth Sustainability Leadership invited Fair Trade Hong Kong to hold an exhibition regarding climate change on HSUHK campus from 11 to 22 February 2019 and from 23 September to 4 October 2019. The exhibition also served as a platform to recruit student ambassadors for the environmental education programme “ECD Fairness under the Sun”. The two-week exhibition in both semesters was held in the M Building in the first week and the Residential Colleges in the second week. The exhibition focused on environmental protection issues such as renewable energy feed-in tariffs and local solar power facilities to deepen visitors’ understanding about the social issues related to climate change. During the two exhibition periods, 30 HSUHK students served as student helpers to explain relevant information to visitors. Fair Trade Hong Kong also visited the campus on 18 February and 26 September respectively to give a guest talk on climate change and fair trade.